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Re: [IP] (no subject)

> YIKES Micheal!  Is that REALLY what you think of people who don't jump
> for the pump the way you did??  As it's been stated several times here
> since I joined.... the pump is NOT for everyone!  No point in trashing
> the person it's not right for!
I can agree with you if it is an adult making the decision for 
themselves, but when it is an adult making the decision for their 
child without ever exploring all the benefits including the 
non-medical ones, I guess I'm a pump bigot. I only know of about 10 
or 15 pumping kids but they share one thing in common. This 

"I love my pump, I would never go back to shots"

By and large, the parents who will talk about it with me
think pumping is more difficult than shots, think very lightly of the 
onerous schedule imposed on their kids by the sleep, shot, eat, 
snack, shot..... etc routine. And can't comprehend the difference not 
having to do this would make to a child.  Were talking parents who 
are Phd's, etc here. Some of these parents have their kids on MDI and 
are "thinking" about a pump. This thinking has gone on in the cases I 
refer to for 2 - 3 years with no action.

I'm sorry if I sound to hard on these people, and I realize that it's 
their children, not mine, but I really think it's stinky to put a kid 
through the rigors of the 'schedule' when there is an alternative 
whose side benefit is better control in the long run.

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