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Hi Kasey,

I HATE THIS _UCKING DISEASE too. My heart and prayers go out to you and your

I was on the bathroom floor last weekend with food poisoning. My hubby was out
of town and I had a friend come over to help me through it. We almost headed
for the hospital 3 times.

The worst was 4 am when the last bg was 90 and I couldn't tell if I was
passing out because of lows or the poisoning. I would throw up then stick a
glucose tablet in my mouth and simi-passout on the floor.

I suggest getting off the N as was stated earlier. R would be easier to
regulate. Ask the doc for approximate doses. When I went to Australia on MDI
...I went to total R for the transition. One shot every three hours.

While ill last weekend I had a range for my bgs 90 - 300. If I went out of
that and couldn't get it back it was off to the hospital. Also I set limits on
how much water I had to take in or off to hospital. If you do go, watch out
for those glucose IVs. Don't let them tell you how to handle the diabetes.
Tell them to take care of the emergency and you will maintain her diabetes.

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