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Hi Kasey,

I can't help but say "been there, done that!"  Hopefully you can avoid
the hospital trip!  With the illness, it's possible her blood sugar
won't drop dangerously low!  Lots of times, illness will raise the blood
sugar instead!

Call your pediatrician and see if he will prescribe suppositories!  I
had some phenergan suppositories and used them on one of my non diabetic
daughters who was terribly ill last weekend and in 15 minutes, she was
up and looking for food and drinking water!  It worked like a miracle!

Another idea is 7-up!  The last time my diabetic daughter was that ill
and I was fighting insulin in her body, tiny sips of regular 7-up kept
her from going too low!  But just do small sips or she'll throw it up

I really hate stomach bugs cause they make me feel the most powerless of
any illness in my children!  I was VERY happy to discover Phenergan
though!!  I'll be stocking up on that one!!

Hope this helps!


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