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My son, Spencer, is 10 and was diagnosed 4 years ago.  He started on the
minimed 507 on May 4.  I REALLY had to demand his endo put him on the
pump.  We got all the excuses out there as to why we should not put him
on it.  Too young, not responsible enough, A1C won't be any better, he
will get tired of it and want to go back to shots (yaeh, right, that was
my favorite).  My ex husband even tried to get an injunction from the
courts to stop me from doing it.  Even though he has never asked about
Spencer's health in anyway.  He still hasn't called to see how he is
doing and its been 9 days.  Just the "concerned" ex I remember. LOL!

I would suggest reading as much as you can about the pump, I recommend
the book "Pumping Insulin" it is really great.  It talks about using R,
but we use H and it was still very helpful.  Research, look at Ellen's
site, CamelsRFun, print some storie about the kids on pumps and show
your endo.  I even called around the country and got some names,
addresses and phone numbers of other doctors that DO put kids on the
pump and gave them to our endo.

Good luck!!  Let us know how it goes.

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