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Sounds like the flu to me.  Not EVERYTHING that happens to us is directly
related to diabetes.

Have her sip as much clear fluid as she can hold down.  Water or diet ginger
ale (stirred to remove the carbonation) if her blood sugar is still high,
apple juice or REGULAR ginger ale/7-up (again, stirred up) if the BG is going
down.  (At least, the ginger ale/7-up was always recommended when *I* was a
kid, and I still use it when the need arises.  Is this still standard
procedure?  I know the ginger ale especially seems to calm MY stomach... ;-)

You might try calling your pediatrician.  Calling the endo was good, since
your daughter will probably need adjusted insulin dosages, but in the meantime
the ped might have suggestions for calming down the vomiting.

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