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[IP] Re:chinese food

I think everyone has problems figuring Chinese food.   Ever wonder why
there are no pumpers from China on this list? :-)
One of the issues that can't be easily figured with Chinese food is all the
different sauces.  Having cooked a lot of chinese, I know there's lots of
sugar in those seemingly innocuous sauces.  Also all that fat and late
coversion of protein to sugar makes it hard to figure the magnitude and
timing of boluses.    But it sure does taste good!

<<<.  I find that I have problems with
Chinese food, probably because of the spices. My big problem is that my
BG's jump about 150 points after I eat dinner, regardless of how much or
how little I eat. I try to eat foods that I can correctly bolus for.
Eating the same type of meal at lunch seems to cause a lower rise in
Could it be linked to the fact that we're less active after dinner? If
anyone has any suggestions, I'd appreciate hearing them.
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