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[IP] drain bamage

Date: Mon, 11 May 1998 22:43:17 EDT, ellen wrote:

>kasey, i think that is good that you target kayla's bg kind of high.  do the
>endos ever discuss too many lo bg in kids and all the brain cell loss or is
>that outdated.  i remember hearing about too many lows eventually causing
>brain damage.  i'm just curious.  ellen

they still say that, and take it from me and Buddy, we are living examples of
drain bamage....  Kids need the sugar to keep the cells growing and all that
stuff.  "They" also say keeping your sugars too low WORSENS retinopathy.  My
endo and retina specialist tell me to stay between 100-150, rather than
80-120.  I know my vision is DEFINITELY worse when I get low and I bleed more
often.  I am almost ready to ASK for the vitrectomy on this eye - just
SOOOOOOOO sick of this!!!!!!!!!!

*-)=B xoxx 

(note the new boobs - they are kinfa droopy - so an 8 really wasn't accurate)
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