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[IP] speed of insulin

Jay wrote this in response to Katie:

>While some people have said that humalog starts to work in 15 mins., the
>Lilley tests did not show quite that fast a reaction.  Their tests
>showed that after 15 mins. less than 2% of the injection has reached the
>blood stream.  Have you ever done a series of blood tests after perhaps
>a high-correction bolus to measure the rate at which the blood sugar

In the name of scientific edification, I did this very thing today. I USE

I was rather high when I went to bed last night at midnight, due to ice cream
I'd eaten earlier (used to console my spirit that has had WAY too much rain).
I covered for the high, and since I had been getting good absorption all day
from the site, did not make myself get up at 3am to see if it was working.
Well, I woke up with 403 dammit.  Looked at the site and figured maybe it was
time to change, but I gave 5.0 units anyway (to bring me down to 150) Time
8:30am.  I then took the thing off and took a shower and changed the site.  I
delivered the .6 bolus to fill the cannula, and went to work.  

About 9:30 I was feeling like s**T - not hi sugar s**t, but the other way.  So
I tested...uh, 39?!?!?  hello?  I did basal testing over the weekend so I knew
they were OK, I didn't give extra insulin after I changed my site.  I went
from 403 to 39 in one hour, So i chewed some dex tabs and drank my coffe with
sugar (I dont eat breakfast), and 1045 I was up to 103, noon I was back down
to 84 <--- and by now supposedly the insulin I took at 8:30 is just about
gone.  I really am confident about my basals.  I sucked my tabs and I am now
125 (1:15pm)

So, when John Neale writes:
>Insulin starts to work slowly.... (5-10 mins)
>Then it builds up speed.... (30-45 mins)
>Faster and faster.... (1 hour)
>Then it slows down.... (1.5 hours)
>Then it tails off.... (2 hours)
>Then it's all gone.... (3 hours)

>(This is for ME and HUMALOG. Typically double the times for Regular. And
>different people's times vary a lot as well)

I'd have to say Velosulin works much quicker in me.  Additionally, I have
always been more resistent to insulin in the AM when I am tryuing to cover a
high - I think maybe as I am getting older(?) I am getting less resistent.  In
the name of science, I have lowered my morning basal (6am to noon) and see
what that does.  Of course, the moon is full and I am not PMSing so all this
will change agazin in 2 weeks...but only if the 4th falls on on a Sunday and a
M4 bus crosses 42nd Street at 5:05pm

who really can't see very good today, and KNOWS it is a result of this
schwinging schtuff
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