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Re: [IP] profiles

>  Did you have much resistence from your
> endo. team??  
Is the Pope catholic, does the bear s--t in the woods?
Lily was 11 when she was diagnosed and 11 1/2 when she went on the 
pump. She was being cared for at the Standord Children's Hospital 
(supposed to be great right!) they knew nothing about pumps and are 
still in the dark. They were not helpful and discouraged us.

> We are looking into this for our daughter, but have
> experienced resistence from our endo. & CDE, so we are trying to work
> through this situation.  
Par for the course.  You must be very pro-active. Even our current 
endo was a little reluctant to put Lily on the pump although he has 
many adult pump patients and he was very nice and didn't put up a 
fight. Lily at 14 remains his youngest pump patient after 3 years of 
pumping. He has tried to encourage other pre-teen and teen patients 
to use the pump and has referred several of their parents to me for a 
chat -- to no avail. I guess they are scared or stupid, don't know 
> I would love to hear of your experience.

You must tell your endo "help me get a pump NOW, or I'll find someone 
else!". Then, either the truth will come out that they will never 
help you, or you'll get your pump pronto. Do whatever it takes to get 
the best treatment possible.

I hope the very best for your daughter.

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