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[IP] good with the bad

Hello friends,
Just wanted to share in my excitment and "bad" experiences.

I am now 9 and a half weeks pregnant.  Which is great, I feel like I am out of the woods, so to speak, because I lost my first child at 9 weeks.   Later, as you know I had a wonderfully healthy daughter Amanda, who will be four in June.

Anyway.....last week the doctor had me on Reglan.   After one day of taking it, my tongue swelled up and my throat got tight and my jaw started to twitch.  My friend called 911 and they ambulance rushed me to the hospital.  Needless to say I had a side affect to Reglan!

Three days later I could not stop throwing up, from the pregnancy.  So my husband took me to the hosital and I was there for three days. I got out on Sunday.

I am now on a new medicine that tends to put me to sleep, so I am taking them in half doses.   I still need to be alert enough for my daughter. 

My sugars remained very well, the nursing staff and doctors were impressed with my "knowledge" and ability to take care of my DM.  I guess I have always assumed that people with DM would want to  take care of themselves.  I guess this is not always true.

So....I am home now, the baby is fine,  I am terribly groggy, I am keeping food down now and my sugars are great.  I love this pump!

Thanks for listening,
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