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Re: [IP] Sweets [was Casting Call]

Jay Watson wrote:
> <<<i am curious again.  am i the only diabetic here that can't eat
> anything i want even if i know how many carbs. are in the foods.  i
> tried eating pie and my bg went thru the roof.  i mentioned this to my
> dr.  he just said don't do it then.  i haven't found that the pump makes
> a difference on my being able to handle sweets.  ellen>>>
> ellen,
> I have had some similar experiences in that I find that some foods bely
> their measured carbohydrate content.  This could be a GI thing, or
> something else.  There have been times when I eat something (well
> outside my normal diet) and my bg doesn't respond "typically."
> No matter how good the pump system is (are), it cannot compete with a
> real pancrease.  But it does come in a strong second!
> I don't let it bother me; I just eat it when I feel like it (not too
> often), give it my best guess and in 2 hours see how I did and adjust
> accordingly.
> Jay
> ----------------------------------------------------------
Hi Gang:

I've been on my Minimed 507 since Jaunuary, and for the most part I'm
happy with it. I'm still tring to find the right basals/boluses to meet
my needs, but it's looking better as time goes on. I've been seeing
these posts on sweets, and I felt I had to mention my own problems, and
see if anyone else has been in a similar situation.

Recently, I've bben seeing a disturbing trend in my BG's, whcih I'll be
showing my endo at my next visit.  I find that I have problems with
Chinese food, probably because of the spices. My big problem is that my
BG's jump about 150 points after I eat dinner, regardless of how much or
how little I eat. I try to eat foods that I can correctly bolus for.
Eating the same type of meal at lunch seems to cause a lower rise in

Could it be linked to the fact that we're less active after dinner? If
anyone has any suggestions, I'd appreciate hearing them.



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