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Re: [IP] 101 uses for extra tubings

Sam Skopp wrote:
> Oppossum traps
> Emergency replacements for trailer hitch safety chains or fan belts
> Curtain and sash cords
> Replacement Medic-Alert bracelets
> Shoe-laces
> Camera neck straps
> Insulation for bare wires
> Hydraulic lines
> Lawn mower starter cords
> Cut into small lengths for book marks
> At 05/12/1998 - 03:40 AM John Neale wrote:
> >Key ring
> >Clothes line for underwear
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> >mailto:email @ redacted
> >http://www.geocities.com/Vienna/Strasse/5726/
> >
> >----------------------------------------------------------
Sorry I missed some of the posts, but I am wondering: is anyone
collecting these ideas? Might make a great document to share, or could
even be used as a web page. In fact, I've got room in my personal sites
to put it, if someone can send me the collected ideas. We can create a
link from the group's homepage.


Amil Vazquez

PS: I'm still working on the Travel FAQ, in between my business
projects. I may be doing some more first-hand research in June, as I am
planning a business trip to Puerto Rico.

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