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[IP] Re: glucometer elite

Kim, I also use and like the Elite.  However, there is a potential problem
that the company knows about and seems trying to hide.   That is that the
beep and countdown will often begin even when there is insufficient blood.
This can (and does!) lead to inaccurate measurements.
	They literature says that for accuracy, the little square in the
strip must be filled with blood.  But the beep and countdown can begin with
the square only half filled!  I now always check to see if the square is
filled, but never used to, because lots of us try to get by with shallow
finger sticks and as little blood as possible.  This is a real problem that
that Bayer  is just not owning up to.   They should really recall the units
out there, and replace them with units that don't start counting until
there is the correct amount of blood in the strip.    When I called them,
the woman on the phone just said that I should make sure the square was
filled, and that she hoped the next model would fix this problem.  No offer
to replace the ones I currently have.

<<<From: Kim Huffman <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] free meter and stuffed bear

We use 50/50 too and I think they are a wonderful company!  I already
received a free Elite meter myself for our daughter from them, but this
was before the stuffed bear promotion.  However, with my last order,
they included a rubber bear that you fit the meter into, my daughter
just loves it!  I think the Elite meter is also a great for kids - it
uses a very small amount of blood and you just touch your finger to the
very small strip, and the strip "wicks" up the blood by itself!  It
signals a beep when it has enough blood and then counts down.  It even
comes with a very nice case.  If you want a meter with all the bells &
whistles like the profile, or complete though, this one is more basic in
that regard.

I would use them even without all the "freebees" just from the
standpoint that they donate half their profits for research!>>>>>>>>>

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