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[IP] Pumper population (was: In Quest of Alternate Tape)

Laurel wrote:
> Hardly anything is stocked here in the Bloomington-Normal area (one of the
> pharmacy guys I called said he would be surprised if there were 10 pumpers
> in this midwestern town of 100,000+).

10 per 100,000 would be about right in the US...

Minimed believe there are about 50,000 pumpers in the US.
So 50,000 x 100,000 / 250,000,000 (reaches for calculator) = 20

So 10's on the low side, but still about normal.

Incidently, I spoke to a guy at Minimed yesterday about how many pump
users there were. He was VERY reluctant to talk figures as this was
"commercially confidential". After some encouragement however he said
that Minimed had 45,000 pump users in the US, and they had an 85% market
share. (This is because Minimed is US based, and has stong sales force.
Disetronic, a Swiss company, far outstrip Minimed in European sales).

If 0.5% of the US population has diabetes, and a quarter of those are
insulin dependent, then by my rough calculations, 4.2% of the insulin
dependent population now uses a pump. Thats about 1 in 24 insulin users.
So we're in a small minority, but a significant one, and it's growing
all the time.

Similar calculations for Germany are that 7% (or 1 in 14) insulin users
uses a pump. I'm guessing that 75% use Disetronic, but that's a wild

France is 2nd, someway behind Germany, and Britain is not yet on the
radar screen...

Can anyone confirm or correct any of these figures? The pump companies
seem to be rather secretive...

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