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Breakfast & High bgs (was)Re: [IP] casting call

   As usual, you're a great source of info. (as is Barbara) for us parents
who've gotten complacent over time, about all we learned in that crash course
Pumping101...I "knew" about the glycemic index, but sort of "filed it away"
for future reference....and then forgot about it!
   Until I read your post this morning.....DUH!!...So THAT'S why Melissa
always went sky high after eating Honey Nut Cheerios for breakfast despite the
"correct" bolus. Interestingly, when she joined me for poached eggs on whole
wheat toast one morning, her bg was great...Hmmmm
    Now that she's got Humalog in her pump, she ate cereal last
Sunday,bolused,  went to her Confirmation class, ate 1/2 a bagel & some fried
potatoes there (Men's Club breakfast needed "bodies" to fill up the auditorium
so they invited the older kids in!!!), bolused for that, came home at 1:00
expecting to be HIGH & was VERY pleasantly surprised to see that she was
    The "beauty" of this group is that, unlike those still on MDI, there is a
constant search for answers & explanations & alternatives in the quest to make
the pump work even more like a pancreas....Rather than just say "oh no- my
child should never eat sweets", the suggestions in the past few days offered
options like having 1/2 as much, or combining a highly sweetened dessert with
another food to alter the metabolic effects....
    Bottom line- especially for the younger pumpers: This "problem-solving"
approach is a life-long skill which will benefit the kids throughout their
lifetime- as opposed to the frustrating, inflexible, mandated  MDI & diet
approach still being advocated by far too many health professionals today.
    Once again- time to get off my soapbox!!!

Regards, Renee (Melissa's pump-mom)
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