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Re: [IP] casting call


I noticed some time ago that one of the major diabetes health magazines
(Diabetes Forecast or Diabetes Self Management) had a cover feature on
people who use the pump. The article had a number of pumper
There were numerous close up "real life" photos of all these obviously
"well adjusted" pumpers doing their daily activities. Not one of the
pictures showed a pump on the person! Very strange ...

Bob Burnett<<<<<<<

I've noticed that too Bob!  I'd like to see the pump on the person!  I'd
really like to see how they wear it and how it moves with them as they
are doing their stuff... say... hanging upside down on the bars for
instance!  LOL  Anything!!!!!  Today I sat down and read avidly the
newsletter Disetronic sent to me and I searched the pictures for any
sign of where the pumpers were wearing their pumps!  Not even a hint!!
Why don't we see more ads with the pump showing... and not just a model
standing there with a pretty smile!!!  I want to see it while they're in
action!  How about the pump that pops out of a pocket while a child is
running and playing???  Some real life photos would be great!!!  But the
pump has to be in the picture too!!!


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