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[IP] In Quest of Alternate Tape

Hi, All--

Many thanks for the suggestions on minimizing itching from allergy to

I have been trying to run down some of the suggested alternatives to the
tapes that came with the sofsets.  And I have discovered that this is not
the easiest thing to do!  

Hardly anything is stocked here in the Bloomington-Normal area (one of the
pharmacy guys I called said he would be surprised if there were 10 pumpers
in this midwestern town of 100,000+).  Couldn't find Hypafix at all--and to
order it, I would have to pay in advance for a whole roll.  Found Tegaderm
in stock--but no samples.  I called Smith-Nephew and they said they didn't
do samples but gave me the name of one of their retailers which they said
would supply me with some.  Called the retailer, and they did agree to send
some--but it was obvious from their manner that the only reason they were
doing so was because Smith-Nephew had already told me they would.

I bought a can of Skin-Prep spray outright because it was only $13, but
don't know if it will be tolerable.

Where do you folks who can't use the "regular" tapes get your alternates? 
Is this scarcity of materials the usual situation, or do I just live in a
diabetic backwater?

Thanks again.


PS--Lifescan is sending me one of their new Fast Take meters for free, and
would probably do the same for anyone who called to inquire.  I was
bragging about this list and the Lehigh list--bet that didn't hurt!

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