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Re: [IP] Basal increments

On 11 May 98 at 18:52, MADKT wrote:

> The statement below seems a little strange to me but I do use humalog. If I
> bolus, I must eat within 15 - 20 minutes to keep up with the insulin otherwise
> I'm shakin' and sweatin'. Granted it may still be working an hour later, it
> does start working much much sooner. Seems to me getting a little bit every 3
> minutes, verses a build up after an hour could make a tremendous difference
> (YMMV).
>       Katie

Really depends on your basal rate - most of the day I get a "hit" 
every three to six minutes.  For an extremely low basal rate I'm not 
sure how the D pump manages to accurately deliver dosages that are 
less than would be forced out of the tubing when you bend it... the D 
pump uses a variable pressure driver so they've probably got some 
interesting mechanical and electrical gizmos in there...  but for 
most of us a .1 unit hit every six to fifteen minutes isn't different 
from a .05 hit every three minutes... especially given the absorption 
time into the tissue from the bubble at the end of the catheter.

Randall Winchester

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