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Re: [IP] Diet Drinks???

On 11 May 98 at 18:33, MADKT wrote:

> Mary Jean or Randall,
> Could you explain in more detail the test with a used or not used One touch
> strip? I assume you would put the drop of coke over the dried drop of blood?
> That sounds great as I always have those with me. 
> Thanks in advance,
> Katie

On the back side (opposite from where you put the drop of blood) 
you'll see a white strip with a blue dot in the middle (from the 
backside of the drop of blood).  Put a drop of the drink being tested 
anywhere on the white test area away from the existing blue dot.  If 
it turns dark blue it is a non-diet drink.  If it doesn't change 
color then it is a diet drink...  test is out with a drop of water on 
one strip and then a drop of control solution or non-diet drink on 
another strip so you see the difference.

Hope this helps.

Randall Winchester

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