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Re: [IP] concerning inst-glucose

Hi John,

Where I live we get some pretty cold winter days and lots of snowfall. 
I have been using the blanket(s) to insulate apple juice and insulin for
several of these winters and none of it has ever frozen (Maybe in
Alaska, or somewhere like that, it might).  I wrap as many layers of the
blanket around things as I can.  It is the same principle as adding
extra insulation to the walls in your home and/or installing double pane
windows.  Your house itself doesn't generate any heat but the extra
insulation helps keep it warmer without turning the furnace up.

As far as the tubes of glucose go, yes they work, but a liquid form of
glucose will go to work faster because it doesn't have to take time to
dissolve.  Also, the tablets in the tube get really hard if you keep
them in your car in the summer.

<< Wrapping apple juice cartons in a blanket will have little measurable
effect on stopping it freezing, I assure you.

If it's a baby, OK. They generate heat constantly, and you're slowing
the rate of escape. But apple juice does not generate heat!

Why not just have a tube of glucose tablets in the car? You see them
advertised in Diabetes Forecast. 4 tablets, 6 tablets - you choose. And
there's more left for next time. The glucose goes straight into the
bloodstream, in a minute or two...

John >>


	... Sue  :-)

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