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Re: [IP] casting call

On 11 May 98 at 23:17, LNispumped wrote:

> i am curious again.  am i the only diabetic here that can't eat anything i
> want even if i know how many carbs. are in the foods.  i tried eating pie and
> my bg went thru the roof.  i mentioned this to my dr.  he just said don't do
> it then.  i haven't found that the pump makes a difference on my being able to
> handle sweets.  ellen

The pump helps me to handle cake, pie and other such foods - the only 
one I really have a problem with is baked potatoes...  I can measure, 
calculate, bolus, wait a while, eat the baked potatoe and my bg 
spikes way up.  I've even tried eating it when the insulin peak 
hits...  something about the simple carbohydrate (starch) in the 
potatoe versus the complex (well slightly more!) carbohydrates in the 

Randall Winchester

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