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Re: I don't hide it, was: Re: [IP] casting call

At 05/12/1998 - 12:41 PM Bob Burnett wrote:
>At 12:02 PM 5/12/98 -0700, you wrote:
>>Obviously pumpers know how to hide it well...
>>Most pumpers seem to have creative ways of disguising the presence of
>>pump. However, a photo of a pumper for this purpose should have either
>>shown the pump or made it clear that it was there but hidden in some
>Not me! I just let it hang right out there! I have only had a couple
>questions about it in over two years. Sometimes if I'm standing in a
>out line at the grocery, I'll notice someone looking at it. I've never
>really made an effort to hide it though. If asked, I'll probably come up
>with some cornball answer like "I buy my Viagra in gallon containers and
>dispense it slowly". <vbg>
>I still think the vendors and these magazines need to make more of an
>effort to show these devices in actual use. For some reason, pictures
>to show the person's "non pump side" facing the viewer. I know I've seen
>some pictures in advertisements where the pumps obviously have no
>sets attached to them. It's interesting how pumps are shown when someone
>trying to sell us something ;-)
>Oh well ...
>Bob Burnett

Yeah, just like the computer ads that show folks looking enthusiastically
at a monitor that is not hooked up to any computer and no keyboard
attached. Duh!


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