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I don't hide it, was: Re: [IP] casting call

At 12:02 PM 5/12/98 -0700, you wrote:


>Obviously pumpers know how to hide it well...
>Most pumpers seem to have creative ways of disguising the presence of the
>pump. However, a photo of a pumper for this purpose should have either
>shown the pump or made it clear that it was there but hidden in some named

Not me! I just let it hang right out there! I have only had a couple
questions about it in over two years. Sometimes if I'm standing in a check
out line at the grocery, I'll notice someone looking at it. I've never
really made an effort to hide it though. If asked, I'll probably come up
with some cornball answer like "I buy my Viagra in gallon containers and
dispense it slowly". <vbg>

I still think the vendors and these magazines need to make more of an
effort to show these devices in actual use. For some reason, pictures seem
to show the person's "non pump side" facing the viewer. I know I've seen
some pictures in advertisements where the pumps obviously have no infusion
sets attached to them. It's interesting how pumps are shown when someone is
trying to sell us something ;-)

Oh well ...

Bob Burnett

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