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Re: [IP] casting call

At 05/12/1998 - 11:47 AM Bob Burnett wrote:
>At 11:41 AM 5/11/98 -0700, Kim Huffman wrote:
>> The last time I was viewing the MiniMed video, I remember thinking how
>>it seems they could have done a better job showing people who use the
>>pump.  After being a part of this list and witnessing how devoted
>>everyone is, the pump companies ought to tap in to this great resource!
>I noticed some time ago that one of the major diabetes health magazines
>(Diabetes Forecast or Diabetes Self Management) had a cover feature on
>people who use the pump. The article had a number of pumper testimonials.
>There were numerous close up "real life" photos of all these obviously
>"well adjusted" pumpers doing their daily activities. Not one of the
>pictures showed a pump on the person! Very strange ...
>Bob Burnett

Obviously pumpers know how to hide it well...

Most pumpers seem to have creative ways of disguising the presence of the
pump. However, a photo of a pumper for this purpose should have either
shown the pump or made it clear that it was there but hidden in some named


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