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Re: [IP] Disconnecting


Glad to hear you've started pumping ;-)

Some points about the infusion sets:

Tenders are the same as Comforts and Silhouettes. The *ONLY* difference
among them is the vendor who markets them. Tenders are marketed by
Disetronic. Comforts are marketed by PureLine. Silhouettes are marketed by
MiniMed. They are all equivalent and manufactured by the same company in

The disconnect feature works the same on all three of these sets (after
all, they're the same ;-)). The cannula portion is the Teflon (soft) part
of the set which stays inside your skin. It is held to the surface of your
skin by sticky tape on the back of it. It has a small plastic connector on
the surface of it (looks like a small "disk") which connects to a mating
piece on the end of the tubing which in turn, connects to the pump.

You disconnect from the base (cannula portion) by squeezing the plastic
"tabs" on each side of the connector, then pulling the pieces apart. There
is no need to pull the "needle" (cannula) out of your skin when you do
this. If you do pull the cannula out of your skin, you need to replace it
with a new one, since there is no way to re insert the soft Teflon cannula.

You can disconnect like this as many times as you need, any time you need
to disconnect.

Every three days or so, you need to change the cannula part of the infusion
set. Remember, this is the piece which goes into your skin and delivers the
insulin. This is replaced with another cannula, then you connect back to
the same tubing portion connected to the pump.

Generally, people will replace the entire tubing / cannula setup the next
time they need to change cannulas - in another three days or so, for example. 

>I think some people may have misunderstood what I meant in question about
>disconnecting.  I understand about being able to disconnect with the Tender
>set but what about the Comfort?  I've been told you can't disconnect from
>them. Well obviously you can, you just have to pull the needle right out,
>right?  My question was if, while using the tender I decide to take the pump
>off for awhile, (for whatever):) can I put it back on using the same set or
>do I need to replace it with a new one? I have to tell everyone I started
>the pump yesterday! It was a great day! My numbers have never been so


Hope this helps - good luck with your pumping ;-)

Bob Burnett

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