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Re: [IP] Still seeking a volunteer or two


I don't have a lot of experience with e-mail, etc., (I'm currently 
using Pegasas Mail at work), but if I can be of assistance, I would 
be glad to try to help.  I only have access at work, so only 5 days 
most weeks, and with summer, I take off a few days here and there.

Also, just to thank you for all your help with my questions!  We have 
the pump, 100% paid by two companies and Nathan starts pumping on 
5/23/98.  His Nurse Practitioner, CDE, etc., has invited us to her 
house for a cookout and training, mixed in with swimming.  How's that 
for a training session!  If you know of anyone is Indiana who needs a 
wonderful diabetic counselor, etc., please give them my address.  She 
is going to start her own clinic in September, at St. Vincent's 
Hospital, in Indianapolis, IN.

Once again, thanks for all your past help and future help!

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