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[IP] Fwd: DIABETES STUFF.........

Thought the info about the watch might interest some of you in California.


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 Carolyn Biondo the nurse in charge of the testing
procedures for the Contra Costa Medical Group, East Bay Clinical Trials
Center.  Cygnus is going to test a pre-release version of the Gluco

The requirments are that you be on insulin and that you arrange to get
to the Center prior to your test date for a physical by the lead Dr. 
They will also be testing your blood panel.  The testing begins at 6:30
AM and continues till 9PM in the evening.  For this you will earn a
stipend of $300.

Carolyn asked me to post a message for anyone who wants to participate
and meets the criteria of insulin use.   

If you want more information and live in CA, or wherever, call 

Carolyn Biando at 925-687-8860/Fax is 925-687-1570.

Carolyn said they are going to test 12 people per session.  I do not
know how many sessions there will be.   


 For my two children with diabetes (and all our other
pharmacy-related purchases) we use FIFTY 50 Pharmacy, the mail order
pharmacy which gives half its profits for diabetes research
(1-800-746-7505).  Rick Lynch, the president, sent me this notice of FIFTY
50's free offer:

Bayer is offering us the following:
FREE Elite Meter and FREE Rufus Bear with purchase of 100 Elite test strips.
And, we'll even file insurance for the strips  (try that with Walmart --

In case you have not seen him/her (there is a version of each), Rufus is
the bear with diabetes--he/she has a gray ribbon, an id bracelet, hearts
where paw sticks are done and patches where injections are rotated.  She is
adorable!  And usually sells for about $25.

FIFTY 50 Pharmacy takes private and public insurance, does the filing, and
gives half its profits for diabetes research--the check to be given at the
JDF conference this summer is around one and a quarter MILLION $$$!!!

Call 1-800-746-7505 to find out about the free meter or for more
information about FIFTY 50 Pharmacy.

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