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Re: [IP] Re: Kids 'n Pumps ...

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<< kasey, i think that is good that you target kayla's bg kind of high.  do
 endos ever discuss too many lo bg in kids and all the brain cell loss or is
 that outdated.  i remember hearing about too many lows eventually causing
 brain damage.  i'm just curious.  ellen

Too many lows cause problems with brain development.  This is true in adults
as well, but the thinking is that since 50% of brain development occurs by age
4, it's best to avoid lows in young diabetics as much as possible.  But as
much as we try with MDI, we still bounce from 30-500.  Kayla averages 7 lows a
week (below 80).  And she averages 12 highs a week (above 200), so it's not a
problem of too much insulin.  She's just a normal 5yo with no 2 days being the
same.  She's a very smart kid, so I'm not too concerned about delayed brain
development, but you never know.  T - 20 days and counting to going on the

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