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     Hi Ellen:
     The ballet seems to create more of a problem than the weight lifting 
     because of all of those plies. It is more physical. Ballet will also 
     lower my blood sugars in the middle of the night where as the weight 
     lifting does not seem to have as much affect on my bg's. I put in a 
     temp basal rate usually reducing the rate by .2. For ballet I lower 
     the basal rate for two hours but with weight lifting only for 1 hour. 
     It's a trial and error type of thing.
     Also, you asked about not being able to eat anything that you want. I 
     too have found that with sweets if I bolus the exact amount required 
     by bg goes up. At that time I bolus to cover the high but then I will 
     bottom in the wee hours of the morning. It probably has alot to do 
     with simple carbohydrates versus complex. So, I only eat about half of 
     any dessert that I have.

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Author:  Eugenia Gracer at CORPSERV
Date:    05/11/98 09:02 AM

     Michael, I only you my abdominals for my sites. Not only am I thin but 
     I lift weights and take ballet so neither my thighs or my backside 
     will work.
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