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[IP] Disconnecting

I think some people may have misunderstood what I meant in question about
disconnecting.  I understand about being able to disconnect with the Tender
set but what about the Comfort?  I've been told you can't disconnect from
them. Well obviously you can, you just have to pull the needle right out,
right?  My question was if, while using the tender I decide to take the pump
off for awhile, (for whatever):) can I put it back on using the same set or
do I need to replace it with a new one? I have to tell everyone I started
the pump yesterday! It was a great day! My numbers have never been so
low!!!!!!  I think they have never been so good in all nine years I've had
Diabetes!!!! AND for the very first time my urine showed no glucose!!
Unbelievable!!!!! However I was hypo a few times during the night but I just
spoke to my endo and we changed my basal a bit.  Thanks!!!!!!!  Wendy

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