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Re: [IP] changing reservoirs

Daryl & Melissa Davis wrote:
> >>>If Silhouettes, Comforts and Tenders are all the same then why are we
> WOW!  I fully intend to use the Disetronic with Mini Med's Sof Set and
> Soft Serter!  Think I'll be arrested??  *tongue in cheek*  LOL
> I believe ALL the sets for both pumps are all made by the same company!
> Silouettes shouldn't clog anymore than comforts!  They're all the
> same... all by the same company!  They should be easily inter changable!

Except for the MiniMed SofSets, that is. These ARE made by MiniMed, all
the rest are made by Biersdorf in Denmark, and are based on a different 
design philosophy.
Ted Quick
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