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Re: [IP] casting call

On Mon, 11 May 1998, LNispumped wrote:

> i am curious again.  am i the only diabetic here that can't eat anything i
> want even if i know how many carbs. are in the foods.  i tried eating pie and
> my bg went thru the roof.  i mentioned this to my dr.  he just said don't do
> it then.  i haven't found that the pump makes a difference on my being able to
> handle sweets.  ellen

Sweets with loads of sugar are a little tricky. A piece of cake or pie 
which is large all by itself can be difficult to bolus for and have good 
bgs. When I say large, I mean individual carb count of over 40 or 50 
grams. Lily usually goes for half a piece. When combined with other 
foods, it goes much smoother. As in ice cream and cake or ice cream and pie 
or even a sundae or bananna split. The combination of foods that digest 
at different rates rather than just one big lump of sugar seem to be 
eaiser for her to handle. A typical serving size in a resturant seems to 
work out between 55 to 65 grams and is about the limit that doesn't send 
her off the deep end either to high or to low.  The other problem 
particularly with pastries is the high fat content combined with sucrose 
or frutose delays the onset of the glucose so it is easy to go low/high, 
then bolus to fix and go low.

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