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Re: [IP] concerning inst-glucose

> I keep those little boxes of apple juice in my car.  Even if the apple
> juice gets hot, it still tastes OK (kind of like hot apple cider at
> Halloween).  In the winter I wrap the boxes in an old blanket to keep
> them from freezing.  Come to think of it ... I guess that anyone who
> looks in my car probably thinks I live in there because of that dumb
> blanket in the back seat. ;-)

Wrapping apple juice cartons in a blanket will have little measurable
effect on stopping it freezing, I assure you.

If it's a baby, OK. They generate heat constantly, and you're slowing
the rate of escape. But apple juice does not generate heat!

Why not just have a tube of glucose tablets in the car? You see them
advertised in Diabetes Forecast. 4 tablets, 6 tablets - you choose. And
there's more left for next time. The glucose goes straight into the
bloodstream, in a minute or two...

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