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Re: [IP] Basal increments


I did some checking on my information from Disetronic.  It states that
the smallest PROGRAMMABLE bolus is 0.1 not that the smallest DELIVERY is
0.1.  Some simple calculations show that if the pump delivers insulin
every 3 minutes, when it is programmed for a bolus of 0.1, it would
actually have to deliver 0.005 every time.

<< Timmy and Debbie wrote:
> Hello everyone..
> I have a question...I just found out from a mom of a child pumping that the
> diesetronic is capable of delivering basal insulin in increments as little
> as .01 (1/100) increments..I had no idea of this fact and in all the
> literature I have found and even John Walsh's book I saw no mention of this
> fact..I feel that this fact makes the diesetronic a far more precise
> instrument and can't really see how anyone would choose the minimed now
> given that it can only deliver insulin in .1 (1/10) increments..

I'd check your source of this information. Doubt very highly that that's
possible with this kind of system. All I've ever heard of is a .1 unit 
increment on either machine. A .01 increment is below the step size of 
any stepper motor I've heard of, considering the diameter of the
necessary in either brand.

Ted Quick >>


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