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[IP] infusion sets

<<<Wendy, I had the same concern prior to starting.  I use the
exclusively (or Comforts), but only places I've found with enough fat
are a
small region in my abdomen and on the upper buttocks.  I use about a 30
degree angle.  My nurse also said that you didn't have to insert the
in all the way.  She said anything past about half way would be fine.
never had one pop out and I'm pretty active.  I keep them in 3 -4 days.
Like Michael's Lily, I like to change the catheters on the same day of
week.  I change tubing when I change syringes (about every 12 days).
- -wm>>>>

Is there any reason why the pump companies aren't coming out with
different sizes of silhouettes/comforts, as it sounds like so many have
the same problem of little body fat?  There are syringes with short
needles, so couldn't they make infusion sets shorter also?

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