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Re: [IP] Basal increments

While some people have said that humalog starts to work in 15 mins., the
Lilley tests did not show quite that fast a reaction.  Their tests
showed that after 15 mins. less than 2% of the injection has reached the
blood stream.  Have you ever done a series of blood tests after perhaps
a high-correction bolus to measure the rate at which the blood sugar
The other aspect of the activation, which is being brought out by the
earlier post is that after 120 mins, only 60% of the bolus has reached
the blood stream.  I think that this is a result of the insulin being
delivered into the sub-cutaneaous tissue rather than into the

The statement below seems a little strange to me but I do use humalog.
If I
bolus, I must eat within 15 - 20 minutes to keep up with the insulin
I'm shakin' and sweatin'. Granted it may still be working an hour later,
does start working much much sooner. Seems to me getting a little bit
every 3
minutes, verses a build up after an hour could make a tremendous
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