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RE:[IP] Disconnecting


Disconnecting is done with the Tender infusion sets.  These are the ones
with the teflon cannula rather than the stainless steel needle.  When
you disconnect these from the pump (a little clip device), you can
simply reconnect by re-clipping.  You don't need to re-prime anything.

The other sets are not possible to disconnect.  I have never used these
sets, but they is not a "break" between the pump/Luer lock and the
delivery point.  Do any people re-use these, by removing and then
re-sticking themselves?

Good luck; I'm hopefull that you like your pump as much as I like mine.


<<<I have what may seem like a silly question but........I start my 
Disetronic pump tomorrow and I was just wondering, if you disconnect for 
a little while do you have to change the infusion set on reconnection? I 
know you have to prime it again before reconnecting but can you just 
stick the same set in again.  Thanks to this group I have learned so 
much about pumping!!!! I don't think I'll sleep to much tonight...I'm so 
excited!!!!!!!  Wendy in Canada>>>
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