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Re: [IP] Basal increments

> The statement below seems a little strange to me but I do use humalog. If I
> bolus, I must eat within 15 - 20 minutes to keep up with the insulin otherwise
> I'm shakin' and sweatin'. Granted it may still be working an hour later, it

We're not speaking of boluses, only basals.  0.1u won't do much of 
anything. If you bolus with either pump you get it ALL right now. 
(not counting MM's square bolus). Both pumps deliver basals in the 
same effective manner, "a little at a time"

> << Don't worry about how 'often' it gives another squirt of basal. Once
>  it's under skin, it then has to slowly seep through the fat before
>  entering the bloodstream. 1 hour later it's still seeping through. In
>  the meantime more insulin has come along behind it... so 3 minutes, 6
>  minutes, 20 minutes - it really makes no difference to the supply of
>  insulin to the bloodstream.
>   >>
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