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Re: [IP] Basal increments

In a message dated 98-05-10 22:32:50 EDT, you write:

<<  It doesn't matter what your basal rate is set at, the set basal is
 in increments:   One tenth of the basal every six minutes with MiniMed pump
 and 1/20 every three minutes with the Disetronic.
 - >>


I was told by Jack Joy with MiniMed that "the 507 delivers insulin in 0.1 unit
increments, thus for 0.3 unit/hour, the 507 would 'pulse' once every 20
minutes"  In other words, regardless of your basal rate, the 507 delivers in
0.1 unit increments.  If you are on a 0.1unit/hour, you'd get delivery only
once per hour.  He also said that "with the 507 you can use diluted insulin,
U-40, or U-50, which will give you more control over the basal increments and
in which case the 507 will pulse more frequently".

You stated that the 507 pulses 1/10 of the basal insulin needed every 6
minutes, which is not what MiniMed states.  I'm not sure who is correct here,
but someone has bad information.  We were thinking of diluting Kayla's insulin
since she will have very low basal rates, but if yours is the correct
"pulsing" information, I'd like to know since diluting would not be needed.

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