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Re: [IP] Ketones in my non-diabetic child

Try not to be too alarmed..Ketones are a normal by-product of fat
metabolism..non diabetics often get ketones when they have fasted for long
periods or are sick with vomiting or after long periods of exercize with
out eating..This just menas that the body has utilized fat as it's source
of energy..when converting fat stores to glucose ketones are a normal by
product..A good meal and lot's of liquids should solve the problem..ketones
in the blood ARE NOT a diagnoses of diabetes.....Ketones with sugar on the
other hand may indicate diabetes,...a BGL of 122 after a meal may be a tad
high but definitly falls into the "normal" range and we must remember that
meters can be up to 40% inaccurate..I think everything is fine

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