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[IP] casting call

 The last time I was viewing the MiniMed video, I remember thinking how
it seems they could have done a better job showing people who use the
pump.  After being a part of this list and witnessing how devoted
everyone is, the pump companies ought to tap in to this great resource!
You guys would make such good spokespersons for them!  They could have a
segment showing teens using the pump.  Lily and Melissa could be shown
with their friends at their favorite pizza hangout after school.  With
the pump, they are able to enjoy the pizza right along with their
non-diabetic friends.  They could include a teen with diabetes who is on
MDI pulling out his insulin and syringes, while Lily and Melissa simply
press a few buttons!  These gorgeous young ladies would have every
diabetic teen in America wanting one!!  Some of you adults could be
shown at a wedding reception in the middle of the afternoon enjoying all
the same foods as everyone else, even having seconds on the wedding
cake!  Young children could be shown at a birthday party...........

Yes, I do have a life outside of this computer...I just heard the
clothes dryer remind me it's time to take out the laundry and I am sure
my husband is wondering why I haven't shown up at the office yet.

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