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[IP] Re: extra supplies

Melissa,  Well thanks Melissa, but I don't know.  We'd still need those
catheters and syringes.  But if I connected two years of tubing end to end
(about 400 ft), I could leave my pump at home while I went swimming in our
pool.   I wouldn't have to worry about my Minimed  not being waterproof :-).

<<<<<From: email @ redacted (Daryl & Melissa Davis)
Subject: [IP] Re: extra infusion pieces

>>>A pumper's garage sale might be fun, but the main problem will
be that  everyone will have the same extra tubing to sell.<<<

Suggestion:  Why don't you just store the extra tubing in preparation
for the year 2000!  If it's going to be hard to get supplies, tubing
will be one less worry!  By then you'll have at least 2 year's supply!
You could probably sell it at that point and make a bundle!  *BIG grin*

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