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[IP] 101 uses for extra tubings

Sam wrote:

>You can also give them to any friends that are into model railroading.
>Once painted, the tubing would make great simulated pipes & hoses (for
>oil refineries, sewer lines, garden hoses, etc.) 

I can think of some other uses....heh  heh heh...

Velvet would probably be better for the FIRST thing that popped in to my
warped and twisted mind.

Of course if you had murderous intents, you could use them to strangle your
enemies  - it tubing wouldn't cut the skin like string would

You could use them to tie boxes shut for mailing and storage.

You could weave them together and make baskets or place mats when it rains ALL
weekend long and you have nothing better to do.

You could string a couple of htem together and make a leash for your dog

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