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[IP] Computer based pump/BG/Carb tracking software

     I tried to send this to your personal email address and it would not 
     Anyway, check out the Diabetes.com website. PC Balance is the closest 
     software program that I have found for downloading my meter and 
     tracking additional information. It has the capability of putting your 
     information in graphs and charts. There is a Joslin cookbook in the 
     program also. You will also need to contact your meter company for the 
     piece that hooks into your meter to download your blood sugars. It 
     hooks up to a modem. 
     I also bought a software program from Parson's Technology called 
     Personal Chef. It has a huge database of recipes and you can add your 
     own. It automatically configures nutritional information. If a recipe 
     is for six servings and you want to change is to two servings it will 
     reconfigure the ingredients and nutritional information.
     Let me know how it works out for you.
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