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Re: [IP] concerning inst-glucose

Hi Ellen,

I keep those little boxes of apple juice in my car.  Even if the apple
juice gets hot, it still tastes OK (kind of like hot apple cider at
Halloween).  In the winter I wrap the boxes in an old blanket to keep
them from freezing.  Come to think of it ... I guess that anyone who
looks in my car probably thinks I live in there because of that dumb
blanket in the back seat. ;-)

<< i like the dex4 tablets very much.  they work well for me.  i bought
glucose to take while i'm running mainly because it is a gel.  i works
poorly for me.  the tube says that it contains 24g of glucose, but i
don't get
why it doesn't keep my bg from going down like the tablets do.  i have
tried the gatorade gel (10g glu) and it works well but it looks and
terrible.  anyone know of any fast way to raise bg with a gel that i can
while running?  has anyone else had this problem with insta-glucose? 
ellen >>


	... Sue  :-)

		If your Bible is in good shape ...
		Your life probably isn't!

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