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Re: [IP] Basal increments

> diesetronic is capable of delivering basal insulin in increments as little
> as .01 (1/100) increments..I had no idea of this fact and in all the

> instrument and can't really see how anyone would choose the minimed now
> given that it can only deliver insulin in .1 (1/10) increments..I had no
> idea that the diesetronic delivered basal insulin every three minutes
> regardless of the basal rate..To me this seems far more advantageous over
> the minimed because at a .3 basal the minimed only delivers every 20
> minutes...
> Have any of you considered this fact when choosing?
> What's your opinion?

1) Condider the following. The shortest peak time of ANY insulin delivered 
by sub cu infusion is 1 hour (Humalog) 

2) 0.1 units of insulin moves the smallest child's bg 10 points or less

so..... whether the insulin is delivered in 0.1 u increments every 3 
minutes, every 30 minutes or every hour makes little difference.

At higher basal rates, the insulin is delivered a 'fast' regular 
intervals by both pumps.

Jumping up and down for 10 minutes will vary your bg by more than 10 points.

The point is, that both pumps are equivalent. The differences in 
performance are NONE. The diffenences in preference are large. Simply 
because that's the way people are.  The pumps operate a little 
differently, are different colors (blue seems to be popular), different 
sizes, etc..., but functionally equivalent.

They both make a huge difference in control and quality of life for their 
users. I'm sure that given the choice of 'no pump' or 'you must switch' 
that all pumpers would take the latter choice.

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