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[IP] Re: Is this when I need the square wave bolus?

Hi Vicki,
	You had asked about this a while back.... (I'm a bit behind.)  Just wanted
to share what I've found helpful about square waves for those "onion ring"
type meals.  Because of my work schedule I also tend to eat dinners late -
8:30 or 9pm.  When I eat dinners with a higher fat content, I bolus 70%
immediately & 'square wave' the remaining 30% of the calculated dosage -
and typically over a 3-4 hour period.  (Btw, I'm on straight Humalog.)  For
those times that I go entirely overboard with "fried" - fried clam strips,
french fries, onion rings & chocolate cream pie for dessert (don't
panic.... it's an occasional - but gosh, does it feel GOOD sometimes!) - I
square wave 40% and for longer (usually 5 hours).  I do however, check
often during the night on these occasions.  Not exactly "science" - more
like "creative art".... but it seems to work for me.
:)  Hope this is helpful(??).


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