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RE: [IP] Sleeping In

Lisa,your letter made me cry.....I remember the first time I slept in...it had been 31 years!!!!!! Something so little to most is so , precious to others...!!!!
I'm so happy for Spencer....most don't understand these little things that most take for granted everyday are big "milestones" to us.  I remember the first time eating out at 2:00 in the afternoon......What a privilege!!!!!!
tell Spencer.....CONGRATUALTIONS..!!!! and you too....
and again...HAPPY MOTHERS DAY..!!!!


I just had to share this with you guys.  Today, Sunday, was the first
day that Spencer has gotten to sleep in.  I was in the living room (at
the computer of course) and Spencer walked out of his room, looked at
the clock and it said 8:30am.  Spencer just got a HUGE smile on his face
and said "thanks Mom".  He hasn't been able to sleep in in 4 years.  It
was the most wonderful Mother's Day gift.

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