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Re: [IP] Disconnecting


If you are using the Disetronic Tender infusion sets, you can disconnect 
temporarily, then simply re connect later. This is usually what people do 
for showering, bathing or any other activity where the pump would be in the 

It is not necessary to prime the infusion set when you re connect, since 
there is already insulin filling the tubing. Some folks bolus a small 
amount (1 to 2 units) *before* re connecting, just to make sure the insulin 
flows out of the end of the tubing with no problems.

If you are using steel needle sets, such as the Disetronic Classic sets, 
there is no option to disconnect. In the case of showering or bathing, you 
can simply place the pump in the plastic "shower bag" which is provided 
with the pump kit.

I know some folks who will remove a steel needle set, then insert it at 
another location after disinfecting it.  This used to be the practice some 
years ago, before they had different types of infusion sets available. If 
this is done, it's still not necessary to prime the tubing again, since 
there is already insulin in it. A small bolus may be programmed before re 
inserting the set, to be sure that insulin is flowing out the needle.

There is a document on the Insulin Pumpers web site which might answer some 
of your questions. The document is located at: 


It probably won't be long before all this seems like second nature to 

Good luck with your pump start. Be sure to keep us all in the loop on your 
progress ;-)

Bob Burnett

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