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Re: [IP] Basal increments

Timmy wrote:
> I had no
> idea that the disetronic delivered basal insulin every three minutes
> regardless of the basal rate..To me this seems far more advantageous over
> the minimed because at a .3 basal the minimed only delivers every 20
> minutes...
Don't worry about how 'often' it gives another squirt of basal. Once
it's under skin, it then has to slowly seep through the fat before
entering the bloodstream. 1 hour later it's still seeping through. In
the meantime more insulin has come along behind it... so 3 minutes, 6
minutes, 20 minutes - it really makes no difference to the supply of
insulin to the bloodstream.

Barbara wrote:
>  Minimed delivery is every 6 minutes.
Only if you're on 1.0 iu/h

Kim wrote:
> If the 
> basal is extremely low, on either pump, the risk of clogging is 
> increased.
I thought clogging was no longer an issue with modern tube coatings, and
modern insulin.

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